Carmichael Research Lab

Dr. Tricia Breen Carmichael
Dr. Tricia Breen Carmichael
Professor of Chemistry
Principal Investigator
Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Windsor

Research Associates and Postdoctoral Fellows:

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Steve Carmichael
Electrical Engineer
Research Associate
Project Manager
Manager, SMCL Facility
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Dr. Yiting Chen
PhD Chemistry

Graduate Students:

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Brittany Ives
(MSc 2019)
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Calum Noade
(MSc 2020)
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Sara Mechael
(PhD 2020)
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Kory Schlingman
(PhD 2020)
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Yunyun Wu
PhD Chemistry

Undergraduate Researchers:

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Lauren Renaud
Stacks Image 1337
Galen Suh

Former Group Members

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Rana Abduelmula
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Edyth Abraham
Undergraduate Researcher
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Stan Amyotte
Substrata Thin Film Solutions
Angstrom Engineering
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Deniz Alpas
Undergraduate Researcher
Currently at St. George's University
School of Medicine, Grenada
Physician, Internal Medecine, Detroit, MI
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Dr. Hazem Amarne
Postdoctoral Fellow 2011-2012
Assistant Professor, University of Jordan
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Aaron Barnoff
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Dr. Michael Bolla
PhD Chemistry
Co-supervised with Dr. Steve Loeb
Proto Engineering
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Rachel Boutette
Ontario Veterinary College
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Dr. Greg Davidson
Postdoctoral Fellow 2006-2008
New Product Development Manager at ARLANXEO, London Ontario
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Arielle Desamito
Undergraduate Researcher
Master of Teaching Candidate,
University of Toronto
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Anthony Deschamps
Undergraduate Researcher 2011-2012
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Erica Dionisi
Undergraduate Researcher
MSc. (2020) Carlton University
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Dr. Magbule Doko MD
Undergraduate Honours Research Project student 2006-2007
Family Medicine Resident at University of Western Ontario
Dr. Magbule Doko
Family Practice, Windsor, ON
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Lauren Divito
Undergraduate Researcher 2010
currently Assistant to the Director
Incubator Art Lab
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Michael-Anthony Ferrato
MSc Chemistry 2015
Schulich School of Medicine
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Dr. Heather Filiatrault
PhD Chemistry, 2015
U de Montreal Post Doc
Research and Technology Advisor, CRA Montreal
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Kaitlyn Fuerth
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Carla Huff
Undergraduate Researcher 2009-2010
Secondary Teacher
Walkerville, Windsor, ON
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Petra Hrabar
410 Project (2014)
Junior Proprietary and Scientific Information Assessment Officer, Health Canada Ottawa
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Mai Van Hung
MSc Student 2009-2011
PhD Candidate Brock University
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Detroit, MI
Dr. Jason Hwang
Undergraduate Researcher 2010-2012
Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry
Dentist, Orillia Ontario
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Dalia Kashash
Stacks Image 114
Sheribane Kelmendi
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Derek Lanoue
Undergraduate Researcher 2011-2012
Played Hockey for UWIndsor Lancers

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Windsor Police Force
Phong Le
Undergraduate Researcher 2005-2006
currently Police Constable
Windsor Police Force
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Dominique Leckie
Undergraduate Researcher
410 Project (2015-2016)
Stacks Image 1137
Stephanie Loeb
PhD Candidate
Yale University
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Dr. Minmin Luo
Undergraduate Honours Research Project
MD/PhD Louisiana State University
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Dr. Danny Mansour
Outstanding Scholar
410 Project (2014)
University of Toronto, UBC
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Sara Martinez
Undergraduate Researcher 2011
Stacks Image 676
Colleen Mailloux
Undergraduate Researcher 2006-2007

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Dr. Jagan Meena
Post-doctoral Fellow 2015-2017
Spot Check Technologies, New Zealand
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Dr. Mike Miller
PhD Chemistry 2013
Substrata Thin-film Solutions
Director of Business Development,
Angstrom Engineering
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Dr. Jan Muller
Postdoctoral Fellow 2007-2009
Managing Director at SIC Processing Yangzhou
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Andrew Ng
Stacks Image 508
Adrian Niec
410 Project (2014)
DDS, Eastpointe MI
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Natasha Obradovich
Stacks Image 518
Jessica O'Kane
UWindsor Business School
Marketing Manager, True North Seafood
Stacks Image 1187
Josh Parent
Stacks Image 656
Deep Patel
Undergraduate Researcher 2011
Stacks Image 528
Kara Picco
Undergraduate Researcher 2013
Schulich School of Medicine
(BIZX Top 40 under 40)
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Nicole Pilon
Stacks Image 64
Gyllian Porteous

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Paul Prochazka
Medical School
Western University
Emergency Medicine,
Kingston General Hospital
Stacks Image 646
Brian Sahli
Undergraduate Researcher 2005-2007
currently PhD candidate in
Dr. Mark MacLachlan's group UBC
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Sarah Salloum
Undergraduate Researcher
Stacks Image 1501
Yuhe Shi
Stacks Image 74
Dr. Ronan San Juan
PhD Chemistry 2013
Dalhousie, NS Post Doc
UWindsor Lab Coordinator, Chemistry Dept.
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Xerox Canada
Sarah Vella
PhD Student 2000-2006
currently a Research Scientist and Project Leader in the Materials Design and Synthesis area at XRCC
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Akhil Vohra
PhD Chemistry
Test and Process Engineering, Angstrom Engineering

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Spencer West
Undergraduate Researcher
Quality Engineering at FCA
Stacks Image 186
Jincheng Xu
MSc Chemistry
Stacks Image 1291
Andrei Zaharia
Schulich School of Dentistry
DDS 2018
Stacks Image 626
Valbona Zhaku
Undergraduate Honours Research Project student 2007-2009
currently Nursing student UWindsor